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    Welcome to Chilco Electropolishing's Web Site.

    Existing over two decades with evolved experience in the metal finishing industry we provide quality services in electropolishing, passivating, chemical cleaning, and mechanical abrasive finishing of various metals including all grades of stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys.

    Industries that have benefited from our services include     

                                                                               Nissan 300ZX Custom Manifold

    • Food & Beverage
    • Dairy
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Bakery
    • Bio-Chemical
    • Automotive & Marine
    • Medical
    • Aerospace
    • Nuclear
    • Construction
    • Ocean Research
    • Scuba
    • Artistic Design

    Any industry using metals may benefit with our services.

    We look forward to any inquiries you may have as to how we can help and welcome the opportunity!

    Website Tip: Throughout this site you will see blue colored text. When you scroll your mouse cursor on this text as well as many pictures the cusor will turn into a little hand and allow you to click to different areas of the site accessing more information or enlarge pictures.