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    New Vibratory Finishing ability!

    We have just obtained a new vibratory finishing tumbler. By loading this machine with various different media we are able to deburr, lap, smooth, polish multiple different parts with different geometries. At 25 cubic feet we can process thousands of parts per batch and pass the resulting savings of individual part handling and manipulation to our clients. Check back soon to view photos and videos of the machine in action and befor and after pics of processed parts.



    While this doesn't have much to do with the metal finishing industry...She is part of the family...Chilco would like to congratulate Fatima Leite on her 1st Place Fitness Model Victory at the Fame World's 2010 in Las Vegas...Yes we said World's!



    CF8M (Cast 316 stainless) is easily electropolished to increase service life

    CF8M, CF-8M, or cast 316 stainless steel sand castings or investment castings are used extensively to fabricate small to giant ball valves, gate valves, check valves, all the way up to very large complex pieces costing $10,000+

    During the manufacturing process abrasive blasting is commonly used to finish the piece. The best material used on stainless is garnet and to keep stainless' corrosion resistance properties garnet is mandatory due to its inert, non-magnetic properties. If steel, sand or contaminated media is used it will be only a matter of time before rusting and subsequent part failure is observed (see picture below).

    Sometimes it is not known how the surface of a CF8M supplied part has been finished or subsequently treated to restore stainless' corrosion resistance to meet or exceed specification. All to often the part is commissioned in use sometimes in very complex assemblies in this inferior state. If the part fails, then subsequent repair/replacement, and corrosion processing the piece in situ is a lot more difficult.

    Pickling/passivation, or electropolishing will completely restore a "contaminated" surface of CF-8M back to meet and exceed specifications by removing all corrosion and regenerating the passive layer. In the picture below had this 10" valve assembly been pickled/passivated or electropolished, failure would not have occurred. The contaminated external surface can be processed in-situ however the internal surface is another story...

    Failed 10" valve assembled between pickled/passivated piping. Had this valve been corrosion processed it would not have failed. Failure was due to shot blasting the valve with contaminated media.Electropolished used CF8M ball valve looks brand new!. This is what the failed 10" valve above would still look like had it been electropolished. 

    Mar222010 Mobile optimized site launched!!!

    We just launched the mobile version of Chilco's website! What does that mean?...

    The new site is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices... ie: Blackberry's, cell/mobile phones, windows mobile running palm pilots and pretty much any other portable electronic device. It will have the same information and pages as this original site. Feel free to access any of the pages and info from your mobile device anytime...anywhere in the world!

    The "mobile" optimized site's url is




    It's a proud day for all Canadians! Strength and Courage from our athletes, Olympic records broken, to the clouds parting and sun shining after the 3rd. All of us at Chilco have never been more proud to be Canadian!

    Congratulations Canada!!! We deserve it!!! 14 gold's WooooHoooooo!