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    Friction Reduced By Electropolishing of Screw Conveyor

    Just processed a 316 s/s screw conveyor used in syrup manufacturing. While the screw was originally brought in to remove all weld marks, ultra clean, and super passivate. Smoothing of the surface was achieved and friction reduced which in turn means less heat generation while in use. Picture gallery click "HERE"


    Non-uniform paint brush pickling corrected by electropolishing

    Recently a client brought in a pharmaceutical equipment frame constructed of 304 stainless 2x2" SST. The fabricator tried a different approach to cleaning the welds and decided to "brush pickle" the entire part. While the welds were cleaned, the pickling paste "etched" the factory No.4 brush finish with paint brush lines producing a very NON-UNIFORM finish. Had the part been pickled by submersion, a complete homogenous surface would have been the result as originally requested by the end user.  We suggested electropolishing. As a result the paint brush etch lines were completely removed and a new bright, deburred, ultra clean surface was restored and the original No.4 brushed finish exposed to the delight of the end user. The pictures show the "white brush pickled" finish before and after electropolishing. Moral of the story...if your trying something new, TEST before you process! Photo gallery "HERE"



    BBQ cleaning time

    Just finished processing a stainless steel Force 10 Marine barbeque. This was brought in WELL USED as you can see in the pictures. Its appoximately 4 years old and used on the salty Pacific Coast. Processing consisted of a clean/degrease, passivate and electropolish to remove the rust and create a new shine.

    Photo gallery of this project "HERE"



    Renew your aging old Kleen Kanteen

    After much use serving me protein shakes, blended broccoli, and other things most people would'nt dare blend...not to mention consume. I decided to try re-furbishing my 18/8 304 stainless steel Kleen Kanteen by electropolishing. Check out how it turned out



    Exposed Carbon Steel in Exhaust Weldment

    As in an earlier post we explained, a concurrent benefit of electropolishing is the ability to expose a contaminated assembly or weldment with carbon/mild steel. The pictures below and "HERE" show that it is almost impossible to visually determine the difference between carbon/mild steel and stainless steel after welding. The heat patina (discoloration) and scale that is created during welding camoflages the two metals by coloring them almost the same. As you can see in the pictures it is immediately apparent that two different metals are present AFTER electropolishing.

    TIP! Use a magnet to tell the difference between carbon/mild steel and iron and 300 series stainless steels!