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    BBQ Cleaning and Electropolishing

    Well unlike me who BBQ's rain or shine, Summer or Winter you may be planning on cleaning and storing your BBQ for the LONG Vancouver Fall/Winter months ahead. During your scrubbing and cleaning consider having the burner element degreased and electropolished (stainless only please!)  . Our process will remove baked on fat, grease, carbohydrates and carbon build up to reveal and smooth out the original metal surface. This will purify the surface and decrease friction to help prevent the sticking of next seasons Q'ing. The pictures below and "HERE" show how dirty the burner really was!






    Rust/Corrosion transfer from carbon steel to 304 s/s handrail

    The following is proof that carbon steel and iron compounds can contaminate and increase corrosion (rusting) on stainless steel by contacting the parts together.

    The pictures show a 304 stainless handrail that was improperly insulated between the work piece and the steel deck plate of the moving contractor's truck.

    The handrail was wrapped in plastiwrap but due to insufficent insulation and the weight etc it rubbed through and contacted the mild steel deckplate and existing corrosion.  For detailed pictures click "HERE"




    Aesthetically Appealing Parkades...Huh?

    Recently here in Vancouver we have been getting requests to increase the aesthetic appeal of above-surface multi level parkades. City planners have requested that the area of parkades where you can see parked cars be covered with archiecturally pleasing and imaginative designs. To the delight of city residents and visitors we can now enjoy new details to our skyline. Chilco has been working with designers and fabricators offering them countless finishing options for stainless steel mounting hardware and bracketry that is used to hold glass panels etc. For more pictures click "HERE"



    Electropolish or Passivate Small/Micro sized parts

    Due to the nature of Electropolishing and Passivating very small to micro sized parts can be processed. Unlike mechanical finishing which is relatively agressive and tends to bend and smear the metal surface. Electropolishing and Passivating is a very delicate procedure using chemical rather than mechanical means top process the part. Fragile items such as implantable arterial stents, micro-gauge wire, high tolerance pneumatic valve assemblies are not a problem. We have processed many micro-sized parts that have been fabricated by (EDM) Electrical Discharge Machining or spark machining.


    Electropolish your Fasteners 

    Concerning corrosion resistance of a stainless steel assembly,an over looked part(s) are its fasteners ie: nuts washers and bolts. The funtional integrity of a fastener is greatly compromised when it corrodes. Electropolishing will prevent corrosion and limits galling on stainless steel fasteners.

    Mariners Beware!

    We are all to familiar with the sight of ugly, rusty, corroded stantions and railing bases attached to the decks of our boats. This is caused by using contaminated screws and fasteners. Protect your investment and take 15 to 30 minutes to have your fasteners electropolished. This will prevent pre-mature part failures and rusty deck staining.

    If you are in a rush to have your vessel in the water quickly just let us know as Chilco can usually process fasteners while you wait.